Study D80+ "Advanced age in Germany": First results on the living situation of people aged 80 and over during the coronal pandemic

The published short report "Perceived effects of the coronal pandemic on the living situation of older people" describes what changes people aged 80 and over have experienced in connection with the pandemic in various areas of life and how they evaluate these changes.

One of the first findings of the nationally representative study is that very old people have so far come through the pandemic mostly well. For example, the researchers found that many areas of life were assessed by respondents as being only slightly affected by the pandemic. When changes are reported, they are not always negative. Furthermore, the reactions of very old people to illnesses and measures are differentiated and characterized by coping mechanisms that are also fed by long life experience and biographical events (e.g., war and post-war periods).

The D80+ study "Advanced Age in Germany" is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and conducted jointly by ceres and the German Center for Gerontology.

For more information, see the short report and the D80+ project page.