About ceres

Welcome to ceres

ceres, the Cologne Center for Ethics, Rights, Economics and Social Sciences of Health, is a cross-departmental center for interdisciplinary research, education and advanced training in the area of health. ceres also carries out advisory functions on health-related matters. The center was founded by five faculties and the President of the University of Cologne.

ceres' systematic interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary composition enables us to connect hitherto largely unrelated research areas, resulting in a more comprehensive as well as practice-oriented knowledge gain. Additionally, ceres serves as a forum for international exchange in the area of research as well as on all levels of academic education. By providing social and political information and guidance, ceres plays an active role in contributing to the public debate.

The current emphasis of ceres' work includes aging and demographic change as well as health literacy in complex environments and digital transformation. These areas represent major challenges to today's science and society which call for the integration of a number of scientific disciplines and societal protagonists.

Together, we want to face the challenging questions of our time, look for solutions beyond disciplinary boundaries and develop strategies for a fair and sound design of our future.


We cordially invite you to get to know ceres!