Festive Inauguration 4.-5.9.2014

Justice During the Course of Life

Biographies in a Society of Long Lives


On September 4th and 5th, 2014, the Festive Inauguration of ceres was held in the Auditorium of the University of Cologne. More than 300 participants from science, politics, economy and the general public attended and discussed "Justice During the Course of Life - Biographies in a Society of Long Lives". 

About the Topic

We live in a society of long lives. All of us, young and old, need to actively shape increasingly long lifetimes. While doing this, we depend on parameters that prevail in our society which, in turn, are influenced by life praxis. In many aspects of life, including education, work and employment, health services, and culture, we are facing substantial and systematic changes and challenges. Every one of us bears a growing and increasingly complex responsibility when shaping his or her life. Our lives, however, are not only longer, but aging itself is becoming more and more diverse.


The concept of aging embraces increasingly multi-faceted aspects, pertaining to more different designs and plans of life. This society of long lives – a society characterized by diversity – raises manifold questions:

  • How should we design our societal concepts and aspects of life in order to achieve justice over the course of life?
  • What responsibility do we have individually, and what are the principles that should guide society in shaping human coexistence?
  • How do we safeguard both fair and sustainable individual and social provisions for the future?

These and more questions were examined from the different perspectives of philosophy, medicine, psychology, the humanities, as well as economics and social science. Everybody was invited to participate in the concluding podium and plenary discussion when different perspectives of life from all ages were being discussed.

On Friday, September 5, issues of justice were more closely scrutinized in two scientific workshops on “Health Literacy and Justice” as well as “Aging and Justice”.

Prof. Dr. iur. Dr. sc. pol. Udo di Fabio (Former Judge of the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany,

Institute for Public Law Department for Constitutional Law University of Bonn )

at the festive inauguration of ceres on September 4th, 2014