Health Literacy

Strengthening patient competence: Breast cancer patients' information and training needs (The PIAT Study)

Duration : 3/2012–3/2015
Project Board
  • Jun.-Prof. Dr. Nicole Ernstmann
  • Dr. Christoph Kowalski
Project Team

The German Cancer Society (DKG)
The Women's Self-Help After Cancer Organization (FSH)

Funding Institution: BMG

Federal Ministry of Health

Project Objectives

The aim of the PIAT Study is to analyze breast cancer patients’ needs for information and training measures which increase patient competence. In order to assess these needs, the prospective cohort study will involve a written survey of breast cancer center patients and directors conducted in three waves.

The data collection instrument used for the survey will be developed based on a review of the literature and on focus groups conducted with patients and health care providing institutions.

The main goal of the PIAT study is to assess the needs of breast cancer patients. The secondary goal is to analyze and establish links between the results from the various breast centers with respect to the study’s primary outcome variables.

The study’s results will facilitate the development of information and training measures that are tailored to the needs of breast cancer patients and that take into consideration certain barriers and facilitating factors at the healthcare institution level.