Meet the Expert VI

Prof. Judy Illes, Ph.D.

Brain-Computer Interface Research

Ethical Responsibilities in Studying and Reporting on Experimental Advances


The development of brain-computer interfaces (BCI) is an increasingly popular area of research that resides at the intersection of neuroscience and engineering. As this transdisciplinary field progresses into research with human subjects, it also raises novel ethical questions about the purpose, meaning, and implications of computational interventions into the human brain. At an even more basic level, ethical progress in this field depends on a solid understanding and implementation of informed consent. In this seminar, we have discussed evidence of, and possible responses to, the absence of attention to informed consent, rationales and critical reflection on ethical issues in BCI research.

March 28th, 2017

10.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m.

ceres Lecture room
Universitätsstr. 91
50931 Köln

The Expert

Judy Illes is an internationally renowned scholar at the University of British Columbia where she holds a chair in Neurology as well as the Canada Research Chair in Neuroethics. Furthermore, she is Director of the National Core for Neuroethics at the University of British Columbia. She is co-founder and Governing Board Member of the International Neuroethics Society and a member of the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives.

Her research area are ethical, legal, social and policy challenges between neurosciences and biomedical ethics.

Specifically, she has undertaken studies concerning

  • Areas of functional brain imaging
  • Neurogenetics in basic and clinical research
  • Addiction neuroethics
  • Stem cells and regenerative medicine
  • Neurodevelopmental disorders
  • The commercialization of cognitive neuroscience.

Prof. Illes also leads a program of research to improve the literacy of neuroscience.

Prof. Judy Illes, Ph.D.