Executive Director

Prof. Dr. med. Christiane Woopen

Medical Faculty

Research Unit Ethics



christiane.woopen [at] uni-koeln.de

+49 (0)221 - 470 89110

+49 (0)221 - 470 89101

Prof. Dr. Christiane Woopen is professor for Ethics and Theory of Medicine and head of the research unit Ethics at the University of Cologne. She received her medical degree from University of Bonn and worked in gynecology and obstetrics before focusing on bioethics. Professor Woopen is executive director of the Cologne Center for Ethics, Rights, Economics, and Social Sciences of Health (ceres). ceres was founded in 2013 as one of the first research centers in Germany specifically dealing with interdisciplinary approaches to conduct and foster integrative research in the area of health. She is the coordinator and leader of several international and national research projects concerning ethical aspects of reproductive medicine, neuroethics, quality of life, aging, digital autonomy and genome editing. She is also the former chair of the German Ethics Council, president of the 11th Global Summit of National Ethics/Bioethics Committees 2016 and, amongst other boards, member of the International Bioethics Committee of UNESCO. In April 2017 she has been appointed as chair of the European Group on Ethics of Science and New Technologies and in July 2018 she has been appointed as co-speaker of the Data Ethics Commission of the Federal Government of Germany.