Research Associate

Peter Bröckerhoff, M.A.


Project Coordinator NoWa

Research Associate LEG²ES



peter.broeckerhoff [at]

+49 (0)221 - 470 89122

+49 (0)221 - 470 89101

In September 2017, Peter Bröckerhoff completed his master´s studies of Philosophy at the Humboldt University of Berlin. His master’s thesis deals with the problem of “Benefiting from Injustice “. Peter received his bachelor´s degree in Social Sciences and Philosophy at the University of Leipzig in 2013. During his Bachelor studies, he dedicated himself to the following subjects: Political Sciences, Cultural Sciences, Sociology, and the main subject Philosophy. His bachelor’s thesis “Notions of Health and Autonomy” deals with the effects of medical knowledge on social cohabitation. Since September 2017, he works as a research associate at Cologne Center for Ethics, Rights, Economics, and Social Sciences of Health where he coordinates the project “NoWa”.
Peter’s research interests lie in the fields of Social and Political Philosophy. In preparation of his PhD, he is presently dealing with questions of social justice. In conformity with that approach, he focuses on problems of normative and applied ethics in health care.