Research Associate

Dipl.-Ges.Ök. Pauline Mantell


Project Coordinator Neo-CamCare



pauline.mantell [at]

+49 (0)221 - 470 89107

+49 (0)221- 470 89101

Pauline Mantell, Dipl. Ges.-Ök., studied Health Economics at the University of Cologne and the San Diego State University. Since 2013, she is research associate at the Research Unit Ethics at the University Hospital of Cologne. Her research interests include the concept and assessment of health literacy, risk prediction in the scope of mental disorders as well as palliative care in outpatient treatment. Currently, she is working on her doctoral thesis on “Health Literacy of People with Mental Health Problems”. Since 2014, she is project team member with scientific and coordinating responsibilities in the collaborative project Systems Medicine and Health Literacy (SysKomp), an interdisciplinary research project of ethics, law, health system research, and psychiatry. Pauline Mantell is certified for ethics counselling in health care.