Moderation Key Research Area Health Literacy

Dr. Dr. Saskia Jünger


Project Coordinator RisKomp

Project Coordinator OriGes




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Dr Dr Saskia Jünger is a health scientist with a specialisation in clinical psychology. After her academic studies at Maastricht University (NL) she has been working as a research associate and a psychologist in the field of psychosomatics, palliative care, and general practice. She has coordinated several national and international projects in health services research; during her Ph.D. in health research at Lancaster University (UK), she has examined consensus building and scientific knowledge production in palliative care. Her particular interests comprise questions related to mental health, and a sociology of knowledge approach to health and disease. Since January 2017, Saskia Jünger is a senior research associate at ceres; she is responsible for project coordination and network consolidation within the health literacy research focus.