Research Associate

Carolin Schwegler, M.A.


Project Coordinator PreDADQoL

Research Associate SysKomp



carolin.schwegler [at]

+49 (0) 221-47089106

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Carolin Schwegler studied German linguistics and philosophy at the University of Heidelberg. Her doctoral research on the topic of “Argumentation and Persuasion. The Discourse on Sustainability between Economy and Society” was supported by the German Federal Environmental Foundation (DBU) from 2013 to 2016. In 2014, she was a Graduate Research Trainee at the School of Environment at McGill University in Montreal. Since 2016, Carolin Schwegler is a research associate and coordinator of the binational ceres project PreDADQoL, research associate in the project Syskomp, and lecturer in German linguistics at the University of Heidelberg. Her areas of specialization are sustainability communications, research on argumentation, various aspects of bioethics as well as the interface between language and health. She works with methods from discourse and conversation analysis, and on philosophical-ethical investigations of quality of life, intergenerational justice, and health literacy.