Research Associate

Annika Baumeister, M.Sc.


Project Coordinator GLIM



annika.baumeister [at]

+49 (0)221 - 470 89139

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Annika Baumeister, M.Sc. studied health economics at the University of Cologne and is a research associate at ceres (Cologne Center for Ethics, Rights, Economics and Social Sciences of Health), University of Cologne and the Ethics Research Unit Ethics, University Hospital Cologne. Before her studies, she worked as a nurse at the Kliniken der Stadt Köln gGmbH in Cologne. Since March 2015 she has been working at ceres for the project "System Medicine and Health Competence - Theoretical, Normative and Empirical Investigation in the Field of Mental Disorders (SysKomp)". Since July 2017 she has been the project coordinator of the project "Gender-specific health competence in individuals with a migration background (GLIM)". Her research focuses on the conceptualisation and operationalisation of health literacy and health literacy of vulnerable population groups, especially with regard to aspects of mental health, gender and migration.
She is doing her doctorate at the Medical Faculty of the University of Cologne in the Interdisciplinary Program Health Sciences (IPHS) on "Promoting health literacy in individuals with migration background".