Scientific Advisory Board


Prof. Jacqui Smith, Ph.D.

Institute for Social Research
University of Michigan


Prof. Dr. Jens C. BrĂ¼ning

CECAD Coordinator/
Principal Investigator MPI for Metabolism Research, Cologne

Prof. Allen Buchanan, Ph.D.

James B. Duke
Professor of Philosophy
Duke University

Prof. Luciano Floridi, Ph.D.

Oxford Internet Institute and Digital Ethics Lab, University of Oxford, and The Alan Turing Institute

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Goetzke

Institute for Health Economics,
Health Region CologneBonn

Oliver Groene, Ph.D.

Department of Health Services Research and Policy
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

Prof. Dr. h.c. Robert Leicht

Long-time Political Correspondent, DIE ZEIT